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Crisis Management Solutions

As far back as I can remember, all of my prior jobs have had customer service experience tied into the responsibilities. The child care industry is no different.

Before stepping out on faith and doing a career change into early childhood education, I was a server on a yacht for a millionaire family in Florida, and was quickly promoted to become their personal assistant.

Although I was earning a six-figure salary serving that family, that career choice was not serving my soul, so I was inspired by having my own child to care for to enter into the child care field. I moved back to New York and worked as an assistant teacher in a couple programs that just didn't seem like the right fit for me, and then I found a job posting from Dani Christine's child care company.

I was hired as a school-age teacher, but then quickly promoted to join her growing administrative team. Do you see a theme here? The reason I've been able to grow so quickly was due to my employer's noticing how diligent I was with delivering a high quality customer service experience. I have learned how to pay close attention to what customers say they want, and give them exactly what they need. Let me help you figure out how.


What is a customer service crisis?

In the child care industry, your customers are not only the children in your care, but also the families that choose your program. A crisis can be as serious as an incident occurring in care, or as simple as a tuition billing error. It's all about perspective.

The key is getting to know your customers to discover what it means to them.

I help child care providers strategize customer service crisis management solutions.

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